It is a browser that can scroll blowing breath.

Not a spelling error. Since breathe is what "Blow" ser.




And when the scrolling is felt troublesome during net surfing, useful when you want to scroll I do not want to touch the iPhone. Appearance is a simple Web browser, but for us to scroll automatically when breathe.

One and you want to use a little different browser and the people, will also help when the little you want to surprise a friend.

  • 料理中に魚や肉を触った手でスクロールはしたくない時
  • 手を使ってスクロールするのが面倒臭い時
  • 手が離せないがスクロールしたい時
  • 友達の注目を集めたい時


Various how to use! For example ...

  • When you do not want to scroll by hand touched the fish and meat during cooking
  • When troublesome is to scroll using a hand
  • If you want to scroll, but is not tied up
  • If you want to gather friends attention